With the growing trend of health conscious consumers, there is a similar increasing trend for herbal medicines in the market. With the abundance of natural resources in the Philippines, researchers take advantage of the readily available herbal plants to develop herbal medicines for maintaining and improving health. 

Pepper elder or locally known as Ulasimang bato (Peperomia pellucida) is an herbal plant that decreases the serum uric acid levels with an average drop of up to 78% in two weeks of oral intake. More than 85% of the patients treated with Ulasimang bato also experienced satisfactory pain relief from joint pains and did not experience “rebound” hyperuricema. Its analgesic, anti-infl ammatory, and anti-hyperuricemic properties makes ulasimang bato a viable alternative for Allopurinol, the common medication for hyperuricema and gout.

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