In cheese making, a rennet is basically a milk coagulant containing enzymes that separate the curd and whey. Usually, the rennet is sourced from the stomach of cows, carabaos, goats, and sheep. However, the Microbial Rennet is produced from the common bread mold, Rhizopus chinensis, making it a better alternative to the usual rennet, which is sourced from animals that are killed just to get the rennet from their stomachs. The Microbial Rennet is an alternative that has the same characteristics and efficacy as animal rennet.

With years of trials and development, the Microbial Rennet is now available in both liquid and granulated form. This technology will enable local cheese-makers to produce high quality, calcium-rich cheese using a cheaper and more economical rennet.


National Institute of Molecular Biology (BIOTECH-UPLB)

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