Environmental concerns in mining should also be considered despite the signifi cant contribution of this industry to our economy. Aside from improving effi ciency of its production, Green mining or Eco-friendly mining should also enact proper waste management.

The Community Led Integrated Non-Cyanide Non-Mercury Gold Extraction Method or CLINN-GEM is being offered as a safe, eco-friendly gold separation and extraction process that can directly replace the use of cyanidation and amalgamation to dissolve rock and soil from raw gold or copper. CLINN-GEM is a gold-copper mineral extraction process that can be customized such that it is better suited to the characteristics of the ore that will be processed. Not only it improves the operations of small-scale miners, CLINN-GEM also allows the process to be easily optimized in terms of recovery rate at a faster and cheaper way compared with the traditional way.

Dr. Herman D. Mendoza
University of the Philippines Diliman


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