All learning and therapy as well as health records of children diagnosed in the autism spectrum is currently stored in manual records. Using a manual record makes it diffi cult for parents to actively monitor the progress of their child and for parents to evaluate the children with special needs. The InteliSENSE is a progress monitoring tool for children with special needs. It is a web-based portal for parents, teachers, and therapists to access all activities, therapies, and protocols. These records are stored online, available 24/7, and can be summarized and visualized on demand, with consent from the school and clinics. 

With InteliSENSE, parents, teachers, and therapists can have an opportunity to collaborate more effi ciently on the learning and therapy experiences of children with special needs. 

Dr. Merlin Teodosia C. Suarez
De La Salle University (DLSU)


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837-2071 to 82 loc. 2100, 2120 & 2121 

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