Backyard raisers comprise 98% of the total goat raisers in the country, and many of them are not able to use superior breeds of bucks for stock improvement. Technologies, such as artifcial insemination (AI), allows for semen processing and storage to enable raisers to use superior breeds for livestock production.

The Semen Extender for Goat was developed with soybean lecithin as the source of non-penetrating cryoprotectant in lieu of eggyolk. It is very effective in lengthening the viability of the goat spermatozoa under refrigerated storage from 48 to 110 hours and increasing post thaw motility to as high as 60%. With this semen extender technology, even backyard raisers can use superior bucks at an affordable cost for the production of improved stocks.

Ms. Aubrey Joy M. Balbin

Isabela State University

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